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Berlin Develops New Neighborhoods (BENN for short) is a program of the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, financed from urban development funds and the "Social Integration in the neighbourhoods" investment pact. Two of the 20 teams can be found in Wittenau-Süd and near the Kosmosviertel. The tasks and goals of the BENN team include:


In order to master the different challenges and build stable neighborhoods, diverse encounters and discussions are necessary. Against this background, measures and actions should be supported that promote encounters and dialogue, strengthen the feeling of togetherness and reduce possible fears and reservations.


The voluntary initiatives for the new neighbors are a key resource in developing a welcoming culture and supporting integration. Measures and campaigns can be funded that contribute to reliable practice and continuation of the commitment. A special goal is to involve more people with their own migration history, existing migrant associations and organizations.


Specialist administrations promote integration. The aim is to set up and strengthen local structures in which information can be exchanged, knowledge pooled and ideas and joint projects developed. The refugees themselves should also be involved and their participation should be ensured on an equal footing.


Refugees can and want to actively influence their living conditions. The aim is to recognize and take up the interests, knowledge and skills of the new neighborhood so that they can get involved and contribute. Measures and campaigns that support them in articulating their interests, implementing their ideas and designing their living space can be funded.


In April 2018, BENN Wittenau-Süd started to strengthen the cohesion and good cooperation between new and long-established neighbors. The BENN team is active in the vicinity of the accommodation for refugees on Oranienburger Straße..





In the vicinity of the neighborhood management area Kosmosviertel there was accommodation for refugees, the Quittenweg communal accommodation. In order to strengthen the neighborly coexistence of the new and long-established neighbors, the district management Kosmosviertel has received personnel and financial support from BENN since 2017. BENN complements the work of neighborhood management by including the refugees in the neighborhood. The BENN team in the Kosmosviertel was one of the first BENN areas to be developed.




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