Zukunft Stadtgrün - The future of urban greenery

More and more people in Germany are drawn to cities. That is why green spaces are becoming more and more important as places of encounter, relaxation, and integration. The new urban development program "Zukunft Stadtgrün" promotes measures to improve urban green spaces. The measures contribute to the quality of life and housing, to social participation, to the improvement of the urban climate and environmental justice, in particular through a fair distribution of high-quality urban greenery as well as to the preservation of biological diversity and the experience of nature.


Zukunft Stadtgrün is a federal-state program for urban development funding with more than 225 funded projects throughout Germany. It started in 2017 with 50 million euros (commitment limit) available in the German federal states.


In the district management area Kosmosviertel, a project within the framework of Zukunft Stadtgrün began in 2019 to qualify the green corridor that runs through the entire residential area. An important first component of this process was the extensive participation of the residents. At the same time, neighboring apartment owners, local institutions and, of course, the Treptow-Köpenick district office were involved.


The qualification includes a barrier-free redesign, the development of open spaces and places with attractive places to linger and meet for the neighborhood. This also includes play and sports areas, safe crossings and a design that reduces fearful spaces. Another focus is on sustainable care and maintenance of the green areas. Along paths of public importance, such as the way to school to the primary school Am Pegasuseck, the lighting will be redesigned with a view to safety. As a contribution to climate adaptation, the concept of the so-called “Sponge City” is being pursued as part of the redesign. The aim is to collect and store the rainwater that accumulates locally instead of just channelling and draining it away. The aim is to avoid flooding during heavy rain events, improve the urban climate and promote the health of urban vegetation.

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